Three Steps Toward a More Organized Home

by | Dec 7, 2022 | Lifestyle

Having an organized home is the first step to having an organized life. How can you expect to keep your life manageable if the place where you reside is chaotic? Having an organized home life can even help you reduce stress according to Very Well Mind. Luckily, keeping your home organized doesn’t have to be a burden. 

Organizing and maintaining a home takes dedication, patience, and a good work ethic. But then again, everything in life worth having does. Wondering how you can take the first steps towards a more organized home? Try out these simple tips and you’ll be well on your way. 


Staring down the barrel of a new project is always the most intimidating part. It can be so overwhelming when you have several things to do in order to see results. The best way to tackle this pressure is to prioritize your to-do list.  

Do you need to vacuum the floors in your house? If you wait to do that until after you have rearranged the furniture, you will save yourself from needing to vacuum twice. Maybe you need to rearrange your closet. Deciding which clothes you want to donate before donating could save you hours of reorganizing things you won’t end up keeping. 

Figure out the most important things on your to-do list and do those first. You get them out of the way, and then every subsequent task becomes less and less daunting. It helps you put your project into perspective, and it becomes more manageable in the process. Need help knowing what you should prioritize? This blog from Zapier can help you get started today.

Have a Daily Task List 

A pen atop a lined paper with writing that reads, “To Do List!”

Having a written list of tasks for the day is a simple yet effective way to manage your daily accomplishments. Not only will it help you tackle your home organization plan in digestible chunks, but it’s also a good system for maintaining organization. 

Make sure to keep it a manageable length. Doing five small tasks (or even less) every day will add up over the course of time, and your spaces around the house will be more organized before you know it.  

Here are five quick and easy ideas for your list to help you get started: 

  • Separate laundry into corresponding containers (e.g., bright colors, whites, delicates). 
  • De-clutter your tabletop spaces. 
  • Remove old and expired items from the refrigerator. 
  • Mow the lawn. 
  • Fold and put away blankets in the living room. 

Let Stuff Go 

One of the biggest contributors to a cluttered and messy home is the fact that we hold onto possessions for much longer than necessary. Think about it: How many items are in your house just because you don’t want to throw them away? Having some items with sentimental value is not a bad thing, but sometimes we go overboard. If something doesn’t have a designated space or purpose in your home, it’s safe to say you don’t really need it. 

We are afraid to throw away items because we feel like we owe it to the person who gave it to us in the first place, or that we might use it down the road. Odds are, that person is not going to be thinking about that item in the same way, so throwing it away, donating it, or selling it is not as big of a deal as you might think. Sometimes finding another home for something you no longer use can be really satisfying! 

Do you find that you still get overly sentimental about certain items in your home? Check out this blog from The Spruce on “10 Ways to Get Rid of Sentimental Clutter.” 

Don’t Procrastinate 

The best time to get started on your home projects is right now. The more you put off your tasks, the bigger problem they may become. Clutter can accumulate over time, and it will become overwhelming far quicker than you would expect. If you start organizing right now, and you keep up with it every day, you will have a simple system in your home in no time. 

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