Who Are Glen and Joya Baker?

Glen and Joya Baker love working as a team to build their future.

Glen and Joya Baker have been married for over 40 years, and together they have built a life that they could never have imagined. They’ve been blessed to have owned their own business since the 1990s and have worked hard to create their own future ever since. 

They stand strong and rooted in their beliefs, and because of that they’ve been able to fight for their own freedoms and the freedoms of others over the last three decades. Together, they make an unstoppable team and work to live up to the values they expect of themselves every single day. They believe that when you are strong in your beliefs, you will bring strength to everything you do. 

Glen and Joya Baker are blessed to have a supportive and loving family.


For over 40 years, Glen and Joya Baker have been devoted to each other in a strong and incredibly loving marriage. They have built their legacy together, and in addition to their successful relationship, Glen and Joya have been blessed with a truly loving family. Their family includes their children, who own successful businesses of their own and continue to carry the torch of the Baker legacy.  

Glen and Joya love spending time with their grandkids and cherish that they can devote their precious time to their families instead of working a traditional job during the prime of their lives. They built their own futures so that they can spend quality time as well and “quantity” time with their family. 


Without the passion and determination that they display in every aspect of their life, the Bakers wouldn’t be where they are today. They weren’t handed life on a silver platter  they had to work hard to get what they wanted. Joya started out as a dental hygienist. She assumed she would work until she couldn’t and then end up teaching at a dental school. Together, she and Glen decided to take matters into their own hands, and through determination and hard work, they turned their passions into a reality and built their business from the ground up. Glen has often said, “I’ve never wanted just to be on the sidelines. I’ve always wanted to be in the game.” For the last 30 years  they have both been completely in the game. 

Glen and Joya Baker love to travel.


Glen and Joya are strong in their faith and allow their relationship with God to point them in a strong direction. They believe that God intended every person to be free, so they have devoted their life to fighting for that right, serving others just as much as they serve in their faith. The Bakers are united in their beliefs, and together they know that anything and everything is possible. 

Glen and Joya Baker strive to make an impact daily.


One of the greatest ways to grow your knowledge and compassion for other people and places is to travel the world and immerse yourself with culture. Glen and Joya know this and have traveled in pursuit of becoming better leaders. Traveling and exploring is something the Bakers cherish dearly, and they are passionate about their never-ending search for knowledge. 

Glen and Joya Baker continue to make the most out of what life has to offer, and they do so with passion, determination, and pride. They lead by example so that we may all be able to experience a better tomorrow.