Seven Outdoor Fall Activities for Everyone 

by | Oct 4, 2023 | Adventure, Lifestyle

It’s not winter yet! Let’s soak in every bit of the fall season no matter what area you live in or what age you are. Just like life, there are so many ways to enjoy each season. And being outdoors only makes everything better. So, whether you’re an autumn lover or not, here are seven outdoor fall activities for everyone to enjoy. 

Seven Outdoor Fall Activities 

Fall isn’t always about pumpkin spice lattes in coffee shops and hot apple cider by the fireplace. We love being outdoors, so we’ll find any excuse to get out there. We can’t wait to share these ideas with you and hope you pick one or two to do this autumn season! 

A zoomed in image of boots standing in a bed of fall foliage.

1. Hike through autumn leaves. 

We think most people would agree that fall leaves are one of the most beautiful things about this season. So, we say, enjoy every bit of it that you can. Go on a nature walk and soak in the beauty. The amazing thing about this is that the whole family can get involved. Kids, grandkids, or even friends … everyone will love being together and taking in the outdoors. 

2. Bundle up for a walk or bike ride around the neighborhood. 

Going on a hike is great, but you don’t have to work that hard if you don’t want to. 😉 You can stick around your neighborhood if you want! Go for a stroll with the whole family, walk your dog, or go for a fun bike ride. You may or may not have fall foliage to enjoy, but either way, you’ll be getting fresh air, which is always a good idea. 

Fall foliage arranged in a decorative milk can.

3.  Find fall foliage for crafts or home décor. 

While you’re going for your walk or hike, pick up some fall leaves to make a craft or add a touch of autumn to your home. This blog has 24 fall leaf craft ideas! Check them out and have fun! 

4. Go to the pumpkin patch. 

You can’t go through the fall season without visiting a pumpkin patch. And you don’t have to have kids or grandchildren as an excuse to go! Whether you’re going with your significant other, your whole family, or by yourself, go enjoy the snacks, corn maze, petting zoo, or anything else your local pumpkin patch has to offer. 

Someone holds one green and two red apples in their hands.

5. Visit an apple orchard or a u-pick farm. 

Apple picking is such a fun option for outdoor fall activities. Not only do you get to have fun gathering your own produce to take home, but you get to support a small business. If you don’t have apple orchards in your area, find another fall u-pick farm to visit with the whole family. 

6. Have a campfire and make s’mores. 

Campfires and s’mores are a good time for anyone. And what a perfect way to say goodbye to summer and welcome in the autumn chill. Get lawn chairs, cozy up a blanket, start your own backyard bonfire, and munch on some yummy treats! The sounds like a recipe for a perfect fall evening. 

Two pies, coffee mugs, plates, and a wooden try all sit on a brown plaid picnic blanket.

7. Have a fall themed picnic. 

Picnics aren’t just for summertime! So, last on our list of fall outdoor activities is to have a fall themed picnic. You can head to a nearby park or simply set up a picnic in your own front or backyard! If you need ideas on foods to make for a fall themed picnic, check out these fall picnic recipes to try! 

Get Outside, and Breathe in That Fresh Autumn Air 

Getting outside and enjoying nature is so important. Whether you live where it’s sunny all the time or the fall air is starting to get crisp and cold, find ways to enjoy the outdoors during any and all seasons. The child in you will thank you.  

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