Three Proven Hacks To Avoid Distractions & Improve Focus

by | Oct 15, 2019 | Leadership

In spite of laying out wonderful plans for the day, many of us are guilty of leaving many of the items in our to-do list undone. When you try to examine what’s keeping you from accomplishing as much as you wanted to, the most likely culprit will be – distractions! All throughout the day, we are bombarded with seemingly endless attacks of things and concerns that steer us away from the things we are supposed to do.

You could have finished that presentation document in two hours if only you did not have to stop every now and then to check your social media feed. Or you could have easily exceeded your daily target quota if you did not prolong those chat conversations. Your productivity can also be affected by factors such as noise, mess, and unpleasant emotions such as sadness and negativity. Needless to say, the key to being more productive is to avoid these distractions by strengthening focus and concentration. The following are simple hacks you can try to do more in a day:

Start by being organized.

Is your work desk filled with unnecessary clutter? The mess will not help you focus on your work. Chances are, you will even feel more distracted and anxious. This assumption is backed by research done by Cornell University saying that clutter can agitate a person and decreases the mind’s ability to act accordingly and stay focused. Thus, if you wish to get more things done, you may want to clean your work area first.

Spend some time meditating.

The ability to focus intently on a task is a trait you can attribute to successful people. Bill Gates, Michael Jordan, and Oprah Winfrey are just a few famous personalities attesting the many benefits you can gain from spending a few minutes of your day in meditation. Incidentally, several studies also prove the many advantages of meditation to physical and emotional health. One study even claims that meditating results in a younger brain. As you build up your brain muscles by meditating, you are also improving your focus and concentration. Thus, if you are struggling to say no to a distracting activity, it is probably a good idea to give those breathing exercises a try.

Drink up!

If your mind is constantly wandering elsewhere while you try to finish a task, there are several options you can try for remedy. Some can suggest drinking coffee, eating sweets, or taking a break. You may “however” get better results by simply downing a glass of water. According to a research, dehydration adversely affects our mind’s ability to think clearly. On the other hand, another study reveals that sufficient water consumption can significantly improve cognitive function. The study says that staying hydrated is an effective way to increase concentration and productivity. So if you wish to boost your brainpower, try drinking more water.

To be immune to distractions can sound like a huge challenge.However, science has proven through their research and studies that there are simple hacks you can make use to stay glued and focused on a task. If so many distractions are keeping you from maximizing your potential and achieving goals, you may want to give the above methods a try.