3 Self-Care Tips to Help Parents Restore Balance in Their Lives

by | Apr 15, 2020 | Family, Relationships

Parents are tasked with the awesome responsibility of caring for their children’s every need. That means playing the role of a psychologist, nurse, teacher and much more. Having such an all-encompassing job can cause us to put our own needs on the back burner. But it’s important to make time for ourselves as well. Here are three self-care tips to help parents restore balance in their lives.

1. Compliment Yourself.

As parents, we can spend a lot of time beating ourselves up. We replay days that could’ve gone more smoothly, messages that could’ve been delivered differently, and moments we wish could get back. We constantly hone in one what we could have done better instead of celebrating the things we actually did well. Picking ourselves apart is the antithesis of self-care; this practice can lower our self-esteem over time. So, turn the tide. Make a habit of patting yourself on the back for your parenting wins. You accomplish many more positives than negatives. Focus the majority of your energy on the good.

2. Take Yourself on a Date.

With so much of your time and attention dedicated to your little ones, it’s easy to forget about yourself. But parenthood shouldn’t result in a total abandonment of your likes or free time. The second way to practice self-care as a parent is to take yourself on a date. Sometimes having children and a spouse is so all-consuming that it becomes your whole identity. Use your date to decompress and reconnect with yourself. Get to know who you are again! Revisit a hobby you’ve been missing or dress up in your finest outfit and treat yourself to dinner. You deserve it!

3. Get Enough Rest.

One thing all parents could use more of is rest. No matter how old your children are, there’s not enough time in the day to get everything done. Long days and short nights leave parents with a sleep debt that can take a toll on the body. A lack of sleep can lead to health risks, anxiety, memory problems, and less effective parenting. To fix this very common issue, implement the third and final method of self-care by making sure you get enough rest. Organize your day in a way that allows you to take naps, go to bed earlier and wake up a tad later to allow you to feel more refreshed.

Consistently practicing self-care will make you happier, healthier and more relaxed. When you feel better holistically, you are better able to fulfill your role as an amazing parent. Use these three parenting self-care tips to make time for your mental and physical health to restore balance in your life.