How to Strengthen Your Social Connections 

by | Sep 6, 2023 | Relationships

Most successful people will be quick to tell you that if you want to build a career, you need to be able to build relationships. There are several different types you’re going to find in your life: romantic, friendship, or business. It also should be noted that no matter where you are at in each relationship, your social connections can always be strengthened. 

Taking the time to step back and take a good constructive look at the people you surround yourself with every day is a great way to reevaluate where you direct your focus and energy. Ready to send a jolt of energy into one of your relationships? Let us help you out. 


People are always going to be able to tell when you are actively listening and when you are not. When you give your time to someone and really listen to what they have to say, they’re going to want to give the same energy back to you. Here are a few things to help you actively listen instead of passively listening.  

Good listeners are not just waiting for the next opportunity to speak for themselves. When someone is talking to you, take the time to absorb what is being said and let the conversation flow naturally. This doesn’t mean that you should just sit there silently.  

Ask thoughtful questions based on what the other person said to you, and it will display that not only are you listening, but you can also critically think and expand upon the conversation. Make sure that no matter the situation, the person you are talking with always feels like the most important person in the room. 

Be a Giver 

Having a giving mindset when approaching other people is going to help you build and thrive in relationships. If you are approaching every interaction with the intent of “getting something out of it,” you are going to be disappointed. Not only is this unrealistic, but it is also going to turn people off right away.  

Be careful to know your boundaries though. Some people are going to want more than you have to give, and that is counterproductive to your own growth. Avoid those who do nothing but take. 

By focusing on giving instead of getting, you are placing the importance on the relationship itself, not just the rewards that it will bring. If the relationship is strong, the benefits come naturally. 

Stay Positive 

Nobody wants to be around pessimistic people. Being a positive thinker isn’t just going to be better for you and your own health; it’s going to benefit those around you as well. Everyone is already good enough at seeing the negative aspects of life, so why not strive to be the person who everybody looks to for positivity? 

Continue to Grow 

You should never stop trying to meet new people. You never know who is going to bring the next life-changing opportunity, or who is going to challenge you to be better than you are right now. The more you do and the further you go in life, the more people you are going to meet, so why not invite them into your life? Networking is key, and apps like Shapr™ can help you get the most out of the process. 

This isn’t to say that you should only meet new people. Taking care of your existing relationships is just as imperative to your growth. You want to add to your networking pool, not replace. Making sure that the relationships you have with the people you already care for continue to grow will only make your life better. 

Build Social Connections by Being Social 

There are no limits on what you can learn from other people and your social connections. Learn from their mistakes, grow from their example, or be inspired by their spirit. Having relationships is not just about more than giving yourself to others; It’s also about what you learn in the process.  

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