The Ultimate Moving Checklist

by | Jul 6, 2022 | Lifestyle

Moving is stressful, whether you’re heading just down the road or all the way across the country. But even with all of the stress, hopefully you’re excited about the opportunity for a new beginning! Decorating your new home, exploring your new neighborhood … the frustrations of moving all seem worth it once you’re settled into your new life, right? We’re here to help make the big move a little bit easier on you. Here’s our ultimate moving checklist to ensure you don’t forget a thing! 

Set up a plan for moving day.

Are you planning to hire movers? Or are you going to do the moving all by yourself? If you’re going with a mover, it’s important to book someone well in advance as moving companies often fill their schedules pretty quickly. Check out this website for some tips on hiring the right movers for you! And if you plan to do it all yourself, don’t forget to book a moving truck if you’ll need one. 

Order new furniture ahead of time.

Think ahead on this one! If you want to get a new bed, couches, or anything else for your new home, you’ll need to factor in time for shipping. There is nothing worse than moving into a great home with no place to sleep, right? Get this done as soon as possible! 

Make a plan for pets.

If you have someone who can watch your pets while you move, utilize them! The last thing you want is for your pets to be running around while people are trying to move couches and chairs in and out the door. If you don’t have anyone to watch your pets, try to find a quiet room to keep them in until the move is done. 

Find childcare.

Just like you don’t want pets running around on moving day, you probably don’t want kids to add to the chaos either. That’s why it’s important to set up a childcare option ahead of time! Whether you head to a drop-in daycare near your new home, or find nearby friends who can help out, you’ll want to make sure this is set up well in advance! 

Forward your mail.

This one is easy to forget, but super important! Don’t forget to go to to set up mail forwarding to your new address. And if you’re thinking about setting up a P.O. Box in your new city, click here!

Set up utilities.

Don’t forget to set up utilities at your new home before you move in. And while you’re at it, make sure to cancel your current utilities, too! It may seem like a pain, but this is too important to put off until the last second.  

Clean your current house.

There’s nothing worse than moving into a place that hasn’t been cleaned well. You wouldn’t want that, and the next person to live in your home definitely doesn’t want that either. Make sure to do a good job of cleaning before you move out! Tips on how to clean thoroughly, here. 

Donate food and clothes.

You may have those snacks that you absolutely need to take with you. However, if you have some unopened food that you wouldn’t mind getting rid of, consider donating it to a local food bank! This website will help you find a donation site near you. And while we’re at it, if you’re looking to donate gently used clothing, find your nearest Goodwill™ donation center here! 

Take care of you.

Like we said, moving is stressful. Make sure you schedule in some “you” time to do the things that make you happy (and more importantly, relaxed). This might mean going to a workout class, taking a walk, or going out to dinner with friends. In the midst of chaos, prioritizing taking care of yourself will help you keep your tank full. 

Moving day is here, and you’re all ready to go … yay! Hopefully, you can relax a little bit knowing that you’ve made it through this checklist, and everything is prepared for a smooth transition. Now it’s time to focus on all of the exciting things this new adventure will bring. Happy moving! 

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