Three Ways To Empower Yourself When You Feel Powerless

by | Feb 15, 2021 | Leadership

Believe in yourself – this is surely one piece of advice that you constantly hear. To reach your dreams and fulfill your goals, you are probably often told to have confidence in your own abilities. However, this common advice is never that easy to follow; especially during times when bad luck seems to cling to every aspect of your life.

How can you hold on to your confidence in the midst of life-altering setbacks such as a job loss or a business closure? Trials such as these can cause you to feel powerless and lead you to doubt your skills and talents. But giving in to these negative feelings can send you straight down to depression and apathy. In the face of adversity, it is crucial that you continue to empower yourself. Thus, here are some tips to help you be kinder to yourself, no matter what:

Be grateful for what you have.

To wallow in self-pity is one of the easiest things to do during hard times. Unfortunately, this self-destructing habit will further push you to the brink of misery. On the other hand, you have a better chance to rise above your problems if you set your sights on things that you can still be grateful for. Practicing gratitude will open your eyes to opportunities that may be available during a crisis. You can then use the resources right in front of you to overcome your troubles.

Focus on your abilities.

Focusing on your problems will magnify your flaws and weaknesses. So if you wish to discover your strong points, it is better to concentrate on areas that you are good at. As you realize your strong skills and strengths, you can start working on improving it. Doing this will likely renew your self-esteem and result in a better you.

Empower others.

You may be feeling down, so it is normal to wish for someone to comfort you. Yet, to continually long for someone to make you feel better may not be helpful in the long run. To turn things around, you may want to try giving comfort to others. You may think it is absurd to try and encourage others when your spirit is low but as you encourage others, you are also lifting your own spirits. In the end, you may be surprised to learn that you are actually doing yourself a favor by empowering others.

Self-confidence is crucial to achieving success. As some people would say, you cannot expect others to give you a chance when you are not even aware or proud of what you can offer. However, if you do not want a quick route to failure, it is always worth it to cling to your self-worth. So even if it is difficult, refrain from being your own worst critic and work on becoming your biggest cheerleader.